Your distributed business data, reliably centralized and ready for analysis.

Start analyzing data in minutes instead of days, weeks, or months. Create a centralized repository of all your enterprise business data to deliver dashboards, reports and analysis in record time.

Do More With Less

Created for enterprise analytic teams who demand to move at the speed of business.

Hippobyte's pre-built connectors deliver your business data into tidy tables within your data warehouse to empower analytic teams and free up engineering teams.

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Financial Reporting

Automate financial reports and month-end activities with trusted data.

Hippobyte helps avoid common mistakes introduced into financial reports by eliminating error-prone data extracts and manipulations tasks. Spend more time analyzing, less time validating.

Data-Driven Decisions

Deploy multi-source dashboards and reports stakeholders trust and value.

Hippobyte delivers data from multiple SaaS applications, databases, and files so analysts can empower decision-makers with actionable metrics from several sources.

What makes Hippobyte different?

Quality data, faster, in the right hands, ready for analysis.

Quality Data

Hippobyte's fully-managed platform resolves common data delivery issues automatically, allowing you to allocate more time to delivering business outcomes.

Actionable Data

Hippobyte's up-to-the-minute data delivery helps organizations make timely decisions based on better data.

Unified Data

Hippobyte reliably delivers data from SaaS applications, databases, and files to a centralized repository for comprehensive insights.

No-code Business Logic

Eliminate complex configurations and engineering tasks. Hippobyte's Console allows analysts to create complex data pipelines with just a few clicks.

Existing Tools Just Work

Don't `invest` in yet another business intelligence tool. Hippobyte works with your existing platforms, PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, and similar.

Escape Application Data Silos

Hippobyte enables you to access and replicate SaaS application data to a database you own for added control over your data.

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